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        YC-627A Direct drive program..

            Specialty:This machine adopts full hydraulic system,the second machine integrated design ,pressure side and pressure can in dependently before and after using the time-control system of action,pressure,fitting firmly,more effective you saving labor,time,electric power and reduce the cost of raising work efficiency,can makeup the whole comer of the hydraulic pressure at the end of machine department,to reach the second to make up the function to improve the quality crimping. The most prominent feature of this machine is easy strut replacement devices,for the light bulb soled shoes,like shoes,essays of shoes is also difficult pressure can be easily combined to achieve the best results,amanual and it machines match.

        Direct drive programmer computerised pattern sewing machine
        Technical parameters
        Model YC-627A Mechanical sizes 900*900*1600mm
        Work pressure 30-55kgs/c㎡ Daily output 2000-2500Pairs/8hours
        Meat output 700kg Power